This is a post I have been desperate to share with you, my top picks for Eco-friendly swimwear! As you know I try my hardest where possible to be as eco-friendly as I can, I’ve decided this year to raise awareness. I do a lot of swimming and being in water is my favourite thing, so what about your swimwear? Can it be eco-friendly too? Well, yes it certainly can and I’ve got my Eco-friendly swimwear picks right here.

What is eco-friendly swimwear?

You’re probably like, Annie what are you going on about?! It’s fine, I was a little unsure myself until I started my research. Swimsuits are mainly made from nylon or polyester blends that are not biodegradable. Eco-friendly swimwear is anything from fair-trade, recycled fabrics, made from recycled plastics. Let’s look at the brand that are waving that sustainability flag.


You’ll have seen this ridiculously instagrammable swimwear brand being championed by influencers. I first saw it when I was doing the Henley Open Water swim when fellow blogger, Charlie was wearing her purple whale print swimsuit. I loved it, so I had to have one. I went for the lobster print and wore it for my 7th Challenge – Whitby Sea Swim. This particular swimsuit was special because if you purchased a lobster print, they set an actual lobster free. I mean, how amazing is that?! With the tag line, we’re rubbish literally, this eco-friendly brand uses recycled plastic to create their super jazzy swimsuits.

Swim Wild Swimwear

The eco-friendly brand by amazing influencers Zanna Van Dijk and Natalie Glaze. I spotted this on a daily instagram scroll and couldn’t get over how chic it was. I purchase one of their swimsuits and took it to Costa Rica with me. Stay Wild are very sustainable company due to their pieces being made from regenerated plastics. They are made in the UK so they don’t have heavy carbon footprint like many factory produced items. They pride themselves on high quality with double layer material – which I found to be super supportive when I did some swim training. But the thing I loved, which isn’t about how eco-friendly they are, is that they had open auditions for swimwear models. It didn’t matter about shape or size. And finally they champion not only super style but also the slow fashion movement, a less is more approach. What is not to love?!

Deakin & Blue

A great swimsuit company for some super stylish options. I’ve never worn this brand, but I have a swimsuit awaiting to join me in California. They cater to sizes from 8-20 and their swimsuits are eco-friendly due to the fabric ECONYL®. Their local Oeko-Tex(R) certified suppliers who are environmentally responsible This is a material made from 100% regenerated nylon fibre. That is post consumer waste, and that might be old fishing nets and industrial plastic, so your swimsuit from Deakin & Blue is super eco-friendly and sustainable. They also send your swimsuit in recycled and recyclable packaging… including the ink used on the tissue paper. Way to champion being eco-friendly!

Tide & Seek

Very much like Batoko Tide & Seek are made from recycled plastic bottles. They use a fabric called  REPREVE® which is a polyester fibre made of 100% recycled plastic. The products are also UV protection SPF50 and are chlorine resistant. Handy for people like me who tend to do indoor swimming than sea swimming. Tide & Seek do bikinis as well as swimsuits, and they have a variety of fashionable options.

Selkie Swim Co

Selkie Swim I found after they followed me on Instagram, and I had a nosy into what they were all about. They don’t just do swimwear, they do a lot ‘outdoor’ attire. Very much like Deakin & Blue they too use ECONYL® fabric, which is the sustainable techno fabric made from 100% regenerated polyamide fibre produced from ocean waste. They have swimwear that isn’t just fashionable, it’s actually designed to swim in. Whilst I’m a huge fan of pretty swimwear, I do need something that can allow me to swim 1000m without compromising my form or annoying me. Some swimsuits that appear to be ‘sporty’ haven’t been and that creates uncomfortable swimming. This range have hidden support – something every swimmer can understand the importance of.

Batoko eco-friendly swimwear

With everyone becoming far more in-tune with their eco-footprint, making switches to sustainable brands and embracing the ‘slow-fashion’ movement, we can make a difference. Have a look around on the internet, but being a swimmer, I have found these to be the best UK brands on the market.