Everyone is talking about home workouts, it’s the craze of the moment there is no denying it… especially with the UK wide 2020 coronavirus lockdown. Currently we can’t leave our homes, only for essentials and once a day for exercise – my exercise outdoors is parked to walk the dog, which doesn’t allow much for anything else. It’s time for indoor workouts, and luckily with companies like Echelon and Watt Bike we can still ride at home.

Indoor bike workouts

Whilst you might think this is the perfect opportunity to get out on the bike and lap up the miles, it really isn’t. By going out on a bike you’re not only putting yourself at risk, you’re potentially using vital NHS services should anything go wrong. Plus it’s not exactly staying at home now is it? So what’s your next option to get an awesome bike training session but not go out on your regular bike route? Indoor bike workouts!

Workout at home

It seems all our workouts and fitness regimes have had to take a drastic turn. I’m really missing my pool swims and my fitness classes more than I’d ever realised, but with the variety of options available we can get a great workout in the comfort of our own homes. As someone who was heavily into training for Ironman Oceanside (which was cancelled), I’m keen to keep that fitness level up, especially as I’ve now switched to Ironman Santa Cruz in September.

The bike was the one area that needed a lot of work, so I’ve been investigating fantastic indoor bike workouts that are good for doing at home during lockdown.

Echelon bikes

The one for group exercise – Echelon Connect

As previously mentioned I’m a big fan of fitness classes, I can self train easily but I love nothing more than group exercise workouts. As an indoor cycling instructor myself, I know how great this type of class is. Not only do you get a good workout, they are always so much fun – it’s group exercise which is always beneficial from a fitness and social aspect. Indoor bike company Echelon, have nailed this down and offer a fantastic option for indoor bike workouts. Recently launched in the UK, Echelon has a state of the art indoor bike which allows customers to train in live classes led by their instructors.

There are 32 levels for all abilities, and if for any reason you can’t make a live class, hop on to an On Demand ride whenever they want, after all there are over 2,000 workouts available! All you need to do is logon to the Echelon Fit app, and start planning your weekly workouts. These guys have no days off from training and even with the current lockdown situation, they are still offering live rides with their instructors. Talk about dedication!

Great things Echelon Connect

  • Group exercise – community feel you don’t get from other indoor bikes
  • Live rides, but also On Demand rides if you can’t make classes
  • A leaderboard system on every ride so you can really push in each class

The one to clock up miles – Zwift Go Cycle

Zwift has always been my go-to for training, especially since signing up to my first 70.3. It’s held my hand through winter training! Zwift has allowed me to connect with other I Race Like a Girl members, and friends to go on virtual rides with. Zwift adjusts for you so you can really feel those hills, and appreciate the descents. You can jump on rides for a specific length of time or select ones to test your fitness. Lots of options available, but be sure to use your iPad/TV so you can see the screen better.

Great things about Zwift

  • Create a group ride with fellow Zwift pals
  • Ride for hours and clock up those miles
  • Select from a wide range of course abilities

The one to step up your training – Watt Bike

I’ve taken Watt Bike classes before which were actually led by my husband’s group exercise class. A Watt Bike session isn’t your average indoor bike session, and personally, I’d only suggest a Watt Bike if you are keen cyclist just because of the kind of data this bike provides. This is a training tool rather than a leisure device just because of the information that it gives you. Use the Watt Bike app to select from a variety of workouts and access it’s data. It gives all of your power data and pedalling efficiency (PES), including your left/right balance allowing you to focus on any areas that need work.

Great things about Watt Bike

  • Data that you just don’t get from any other indoor bike
  • For the keen athletes
  • Will push you to better your cycling
alternative bike workouts at home

The one when you’re on a budget – Turbo + YouTube

Really on a budget? You can pick up a basic second hand turbo trainer option for about £30. Set your bike up, head to YouTube and select some of the free indoor cycle workouts. Unlike the other options in this post, you’ll need to manually adjust to make things harder or easier. You can find heaps of classes online for free, but the big thing is it’s completely up to you how hard you want to go.

Great things about a turbo

  • Cheap cheap cheap
  • No membership fee required
  • You can use your own bike

Fear not fellow cyclists, you have great options out there ready to keep you going on the bike. Just because you can’t head out on those country roads, there is no need to neglect your cycling! Use one of my suggested indoor bike workouts and you’ll be ready for action as soon as lockdown is over. So, what kind of indoor bike workout do you fancy trying?