how to love running

I used to run but with one goal, to burn calories. I don’t think I really enjoyed it to be honest, I found it hard work and a means to an end. Fast forward and I became a fitness blogger who wanted to do triathlons, and as we know, triathlons involve running! I had to like it again, but how could I love running if I didn’t like it at all…

Finding the source of the running issue

Before I started I stripped back what the issue was. What was I not enjoying about running? How could I like this sport?

I fixed my running niggles

I firstly noticed that my knees hurt. I’d had my ACL done twice and was very much a heel first runner back in the day, this was causing pain to shoot up to my knee. So I changed my running style. Now, I’m far more comfortable and *touch wood* it feels fine now. I also noticed my calf muscle cramp during long distance and I’m an utter bugger for stretching them out! I decided I needed to dedicate time to looking after them and investing in calf guards – my running changed for the better.

Tip | Seriously don’t ignore aches and pains, they happen for a reason! If something hurts don’t ignore it. Look at what’s not supporting you, trial kit and always rest, recover and stretch

I found the right trainers

I never thought I’d say a pair of trainers could change your life but they have. There are two favourite brands after doing gait analysis and trailing what feels like hundreds of pairs. I did run in Adidas ultraboosts after running the Berlin Marathon with adidas, but I then got sent a pair of ON running Cloudflow trainers. My word. Mind-blown. How can a pair of trainers have such an impact? I thought the same, but similar to those knee and calf niggles, I now no longer thought about my feet. There was none of this, they’re rubbing, or after my races losing toenails, or pulls in my arches. Those trainers are the best thing I’ve been gifted, and the wait was worth it.

Tip| Find a specialist running shop to do an analysis of your running style. This will help significantly with finding the right trainer for your running style

I found running friends

If you follow me on Strava you will know I took the plunge and joined a running club. I had my 70.3 triathlon and a half marathon, so the only way to get better was to be pushed. I joined in December quite tentatively, now, I don’t know what I’d do without them. Not only am I running better, I’m socialising and having fun. Yes, fun! Fun whilst running would’ve thought it, certainly not me a few years ago! This really was a game changer for falling in love with running.

Tip | Nervous about finding a running club? Ask friends first and build your confidence by running with other people you know. Once you feel confident look out for local clubs, many people from couch to 5k to ultra marathoners join these clubs.

I got a decent sports watch

I was using some own brand sports watch that wasn’t exactly helping me on my triathlon journey. Now, I’m not saying you need one, this is a completely personal preference, however I found this really helped. I’ve got a Garmin Forerunner 945 and I absolutely LOVE it. I like everything from how it tracks my general fitness, the Garmin Connect app and how it pins my running down to a T! I’ve been able to track myself and my journey, which in turn has actually spurred me on to try hard.

I was inspired by others who love running

I’m still influenced and inspired by others, and I am so on board with inspiring people, whether that’s someone on social media or not. Finding the right accounts is key for your mental health, and the last thing you want is to feel inadequate or low from seeing and hearing all the things that person is doing. If you have a hunt you’ll 100% find people to follow who are on your wave length. I’ve listed my keys inspirational IG accounts to follow.

Tips | Follow people that work for you. If you find you feel low from following someone don’t do it. There are heaps of inspirational people out on this platform, see what works for you.

how to love running

Do I love running now?

Now that I’ve gained that feeling of love with running, I’m ready to keep going. I’ve already pre-planned for what I’ll do after I finish my 50k ultra marathon at the end of my 12 in 12, I know I’m going to feel flat. I’ve booked a 10k race and a couple of sprint triathlons! Of course, I’m married to my running club now, so I’m all for the run love!

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