You cannot escape the fact the Coronavirus is impacting everyone in some way. Travel plans are being cancelled, people are self quarantining, and of course, races are getting postponed. If you’ve been training like many for specific races, and they get cancelled or postponed – where do you go from here? How can you refocus your fitness goals?

Refocus your fitness goals

As many know one of my 12 in 12 challenges was to adventure to California to take part in Ironman Oceanside 70.3 on the 4th April. That has officially been postponed. Even more frustrating is that all travel to the US is currently banned, so not only can I not race, I can’t go on my California holiday. I completely understand why this is happening, but it’s of course very disappointing.

Now what?

Now what? I have my 50k trail run but Ironman Oceanside was the main challenge in my 12 in 12. So what is my fitness goal going to be? How can I refocus? What can I do so I don’t lose all I worked so hard for? It’s been hard and I’ll admit for the last few days I feel like I’ve fully fallen off my fitness wagon. I’ve barely done much at all other than paint the kitchen and walk the dog. I was training every day doing double sessions.

It is what it is

It is what it is. There isn’t one person in the world right now this isn’t effecting. Literally, everyone is in this together. Other people are disappointed their races are cancelled or postponed, so it’s now a case of looking at your options. I’d safe book races but be mindful that the Coronavirus could go on for longer than we know. I’d select races later in the year, but be aware this has all changed very swiftly. But regardless, select a race or challenge to focus on.

Adapt and refocus

Adapting your current training plan is the biggest thing you can do right now. I’m not swimming, doing fitness classes or running with my running club. I’m going to need to workout at home in some way, so I’m devising some training options to cater to that. If you don’t have equipment, use your body weight. For inspiration look on YouTube and workout in your lounge with an exercise class.

Berlin marathon first time

This isn’t forever

Hopefully this won’t be forever, but life and training doesn’t need to come to a complete halt. WE CAN adapt. Training solo can get loan some I know, I love an indoor cycling class or going to a circuits session, but this is just for now. Get outdoors on those trails, maybe pick up a turbo and join Zwift, connect with fellow riders and go for a spin. The biggest difficulty in all this is simply thinking about what you CAN do right now. We have it pretty easily normally, so now we need to test ourselves.

We can get through this and maintain our fitness, just select a new goal and plan a new way to get there. We’ve got this!