Are you planning your next travel adventure after lockdown, or is that just me? Being on a travel ban has potentially made me all the more keen to explore when we are able to. But what can you do? Where can you go? Where do you travel first? Have you considered a cruise? Today I’m going to be telling you about great cruises from Southampton.

Why take a cruise from Southampton

If you’re a UK resident like me, you tend to find some countries you want to jet off to, require you to fly from a different country to begin with. By departing from Southampton you’re taking the initial travel stress away from the beginning. Most of the top household cruise names depart from this dock including; P&O Cruises, Cunard, Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International. With each of those cruise companies, the travel possibilities are endless. With a UK departure like this, you are unlocking the opportunity to see places you’d ordinarily need to add a flight to, and you have the option to see many of Europe’s finest locations along the way.

What else is in Southampton

I’m a big fan of travelling stress-free, as are many others! I like to travel to my departure location the day before, stay over and travel with ease the following day. In Southampton you could arrive the day before and have some time exploring this major port area. There is the Tudor House, SeaCity Museum, and of course, the City Art Gallery.

Where should you take your cruise too?

Cruise holidays open up numerous opportunities for travellers to explore more than one location, with the added bonus of being in essentially a floating hotel. You have a variety of activities, the majority are all-inclusive meaning you can wine and dine to hearts content! Many cruise companies will offer a daily calendar of activities holiday-makers can take advantage of and let’s be honest, it takes a lot of the stress of planning your travel journey, out of the equation.

Iconic Transatlantic Voyage

Can you believe this, but I’ve never been to New York?! I feel that is wrong considering I call myself a travel blogger. My husband has promised me later this year we’ll finally go! However, what about adding some more adventure by going on a cruise to the Big Apple? With Cunard cruises that depart from Southampton, you could sail your way to seeing the Statue of Liberty?

The 2022 No-Fly Maiden Northern Lights

Have you seen the Northern Lights? I haven’t yet! I took a brief trip to Iceland and unfortunately never saw them, had we have spent longer there, chances are I would have. This Cunard cruise takes you to some iconic Artic Cities such as Tromso and three other Norwegian locations, meaning your chances to catch those beautiful lights, and take in some incredible culture are pretty high!

Uncrowded City Stays

A great option from Fred Olsen Cruise Lines is their Uncrowded City Stays option. The perfect opportunity to explore some iconic cities and avoid the crowds – sounds like the perfect city break. Visit Rouen France to see the Gothic Cathedrals, explore the second largest city of Belgium, Antwerp, and maybe grab a bike and ride through Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This 8 night trip is definitely one for those culture lovers!

Aurora’s 2022 No-Fly Grand World Cruise

Perhaps it’s time to go really big with the next adventure and spend 99 days on a world cruise. I’ve seen the itinerary and it looks out of this world! Leaving from Southampton you’ll head to Canary Islands, onto Barbados, Panama, Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, then to my favourite place in the world, California! Then it’s off to Hawaii and Australia… and it keeps going and going! If you want to see the world, this is the way to do it, and all from a UK departure from Southampton.

As I’ve mentioned before, my parents love cruises and the more I’ve seen how great their experiences have been, I’ve been much more open to the idea of going on one. I’m not sure where I’d want to go first, perhaps the New York cruise? Or perhaps, I just do it all in one with the world cruise! Where would you like to visit on a cruise?

*This post is in collaboration with ROL Cruises