I never considered a cruise for a holiday until my parents started going on them. I heard about all the destinations they managed to see, the many options for sightseeing cruise excursions and actually, the incredible selection of activities available onboard. For an active person like myself, I guess the reservation I’ve had is the lack of things to do – boy, was I wrong because there is so much to do on a cruise and when you reach the different locations. So, don’t think of a cruise as just a boat, think of it as getting to see more of a destination.

With plenty of activities, restaurants and entertainment on a cruise, you’re set for a fantastic holiday. But where is best to travel to? Where can you explore? And which offer the best sightseeing cruise excursions to the traveller? Let’s have a look

Which locations to visit?

Australia & New Zealand

You could do a 17-day cruise that would take you around both Australia & New Zealand. This makes it a perfect opportunity to check off two stunning countries. Take in the busy Melbourne and maybe add on a sightseeing cruise excursion in Auckland with a bike ride! There are wineries, spa visits, museums and restaurants all waiting for you as you dock in the 11 locations.

North America

I’m possibly biased about this one, as you know, I’m a huge fan of California! You can do cruises that will take you to all the west coast hotspots like San Francisco, where you’d be able to hop off and see the famous Golden Gate Bridge, or Alcatraz island.

Then voyage on to LA and go visit the world famous Venice Beach, and take a look at the Venice Canals. California takes a while to get around, so joining a cruise makes it far more accessible to see all the Golden State has to offer.


Why visit Europe on a cruise when you could go further afield? Europe is full of hidden gems you perhaps have never even contemplated! There are many cruises available, just like the 10 night wine & romance voyage where you can sip and sail essentially!

European cruises can actually take iconic locations, it’s full of legendary landmarks and some of the most historical points within Europe. When you dock you can take part in some of the best excursions and get the most out European history.


Can I have a list of top cruises and not mention the Caribbean?! When I think of a cruise I always think about the golden sands and crystal clear ocean. Often with cruises to this area you can visit destinations like Aruba, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Curacao, St. Barts, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Maarten and U.S. Virgin Islands.

What sightseeing cruise excursion can you do?

As mentioned, you have a lot of options with this. Don’t panic adventure-seekers you can do everything from bike ride tours, see nature & wildlife, take in some shopping, have cultural exchanges with locals, hike and walking, and my personal favourite, swimming, kayaking and safari!

So, don’t underestimate the benefits of going on a cruise and enjoying some of the shore-side cruise excursions! Where would you take a cruise to?

*Post in collaboration with Azamara Cruises