How many of you have heard your alarm go off for a workout, and you’ve hit snooze and rolled over?! Hands up – me too! Sometimes finding the motivation to workout is lost and you just have to give it up as a bad day. But what happens when that rolling over to hit snooze becomes a regular occurrence? Time to look at finding that motivation to workout and I’m going to help you with that.

My motivation to workout

I personally have days where I feel full of energy, even times I want to spend the entire day being active in some fashion. Admittedly these are quite rare, but they do happen! I have the motivation to workout and I’ll even do back to back classes. Then, I have days off where I’ll have planned to do something, and either distracted myself with something else or just made the decision I couldn’t be bothered.

During lockdown we need to keep moving, moving daily in fact. It’s happened to me before, but you’ll get up to start your day and before you know it you’ve been working from home for 12 hours straight. It’s just not good for you, and I noticed that I’d ordinarily clock up over 15,000 steps, during lockdown I was barely got to 5,000.

But if you’re not feeling the motivation to workout, how are you ever going to get beyond this stumbling block? I’m actually quite the procrastinator, so hopefully these tried and tested methods might help you!

Do what you love

If you absolutely hate HIIT sessions and the thought of doing 10 burpees makes you cringe. Don’t do it. I’m not saying bin off everything you hate, but try to at least do something you slightly enjoy! For example, I’m not a zumba/sh’bam/dance workout kinda person, but I love aerobics. I’ll choose that kind of a class over something dance related.

Go live

I thought On Demand was good, but going live has absolutely changed how I workout from home and maybe how I will workout altogether moving forward. Live classes are literally all over the internet right now, I’ve even found one of fitness instructors I regularly go to for classes is doing live ones. The beauty of live is you can hop on with no travel required – it actually takes the dithering out and you don’t have the excuse.

Have fun with it – do something you haven’t

Trying a new class with people around is quite daunting, so trying it out at home is your best option. You could go crazy trying out some of the latest class trends like Barre, yoga, pilates, HIIT, Zumba… you name it, it’ll be on the internet. So shake it up to keep yourself interested.

Get inspired

Some might disagree, but I like to get motivated by other fitness influencers, sports stars and or my friends. Just seeing how others are keeping fit at home has really motivated me. I’ve tried new classes, and we’ve done live classes together but virtually! Everyone likes company and it’s essential right now, so working out together is a great motivation…. unless you talk each other out of a class that is!

Keep a schedule

With days merging and nobody really knowing day, time or week, actually having a workout schedule will give you that routine you’re missing. I’m quite keen on keeping on track and if I follow a timetable I’m more likely to stick to it.

How do you find the motivation to workout at home? I’d love to know your thoughts.