Is it just me or do you find the sofa calls to you? Or your bed encourages you take that extra 30 minutes before getting up?! Go on, admit it, I’m not alone in this! Moving and feeling energy at the moment is hardwork! Being at home all the time we’re constantly enticed into procrastination. I’m with you, it’s hard. So how can we find this missing energy to move more at home?

Moving in lockdown

My lovely friends at Sure got in touch about their new campaign, move more at home and asked me to contribute my thoughts on my daily movement. I’d be lying if I told you I leapt out of bed every morning fist punching in the air and went off on a 20 mile swift ride…. definitely not! But I do encourage myself to move daily in some form. If I’m really lacking energy I introduce a more calm approach and use yoga to insert that missing energy into my body. I actually find that by doing so, the next day I’ll have that spring in my step to achieve more.

When you lose that motivation

We are creatures of routine, and with fitness that could be a certain gym regime, or classes you do, but now we’re unfortunately restricted. Many of us have taken on workouts in a pattern, which is great, but chances are this is now getting tedious and thus, you wobble with motivation. What can you do in this situation?

Find new motivation to move at home! Easier said than done you say? Here are my favourite things to do when I’m stuck in that lull

  • Motivational quotes – seems simple but after you’ve read a few, you’ll get a surge of inspiration
  • Awesome tunes – this might sound daft but last week I was invited to a dance party. I felt like a bit of an idiot shimmying about like a loon! Until I was 10 minutes in and literally owning the dance floor. Honestly, the best party tracks or whatever motivates you to move, is incredible. Never under estimate the power of a song to motivate you
  • New workouts – I hate doing the same thing over – you might have spotted I’m into everything from surfing to HIIT! Mix it up and try something new. The Sure Move More At Home Champions are showing you heaps of great workouts for you to give a go!
  • People who inspire – The world is at our fingertips with social media. You can find numerous fitness bloggers, influencer or athletes that are providing some fantastic tips and advice. I personally find time to read things out with an motivating message really encourages me to get moving!

If you head over the the Move More at Home landing page with Sure, you’ll be greeted by numerous options to get you motivated at home. They have 5 Sure champions all who have plenty of tips and workouts for you to keep moving during lockdown. What are you waiting for? Let’s get moving!

*Post in collaboration with Sure