Are you becoming more aware of the clothes you buy? Are they sustainable? Recycled? Slow fashion? Ultimately, is it eco-friendly? Is it sustainable? Thing is, it doesn’t need to be general clothing, what about your activewear? Can you get eco-friendly activewear? Yes you can, and today I’m going to share some of my favourite items from some key brands.

Finding eco-friendly activewear

I’ve previously discussed eco-friendly swimwear, because as you know, I love to swim! But let’s think about this, during lockdown most of us have ditch our everyday clothes for activewear – or is that just me?! My weeks have been pretty much me rotating my gym leggings, so it’s safe to say, activewear is my essential wardrobe!

SUP and Swim

Kicking things off with water related activities. Whenever I talk about activewear, I’m not just talking about clothing for HIIT sessions and the gym, activewear covers a broad range. For me personally I’m active across a number of sports. If you know me, you’ll be aware of my love of swimming, SUP and surf. One of my all time favourite brand, Sweaty Betty, does sustainable swimwear. Sweaty Betty uses ECONYL® regenerated nylon produced entirely from recovered fishnets and other nylon waste. So rest assured your swimwear is super sustainable. Big fan of this kinds of swimsuits for SUP especially, they are supportive and of course, super cute!

Sweaty Betty – Misty Long Swimsuit – £95

Sweaty Betty eco-friendly sustainable

Gym session

SOS eco-friendly activewear

Can you go wrong with a black pair of gym leggings? I think not! This is the activewear equivalent of the LBD. Regardless of how many crazy print leggings you have, black leggings are a must. These are from eco-friendly company SOS. Whilst SOS is super small with only a handful of items, these black leggings are made from ocean plastics…. they are also bum sculpting so two big wins there!

SOS Vaquita Leggings – £95


Sundried eco-friendly activewear

Another staple activewear collection piece is a decent vest top. As many know I was a brand ambassador for Sundried because I was not only a fan of their products, but because they were eco-friendly. This Sundried vest top is part of their Eco Charge range which is made up of 100% recycled sustainable materials

Sundried – Tour Noir Women’s Vest – £15


Big fan of pilates and yoga, and I’m a huge fan of these training jumpsuits. I love a jumpsuit regardless, but one for this kind of exercise – count me in! Some people aren’t keen because as we all know, jumpsuits can be a paint to get in and out of, but I can’t get enough! Whether yoga jumpsuits are here to stay or not, I’m not sure, but whilst they are I’m game! Here is one from UK brand Silou London. It’s on the expensive side, but is not only eco-friendly it is mindfully manufactured in Europe, so ethically responsible, sweatshop free.


eco-friendly activewear

Vest queen over here cannot say no to a yoga related vest, I tend to find I throw these on even when in jeans… so a nice versatile option. Yoga Clicks has numerous vest options all made from organic cotton bamboo.

Yoga Clicks Himba Tank – £32


eco-friendly trisuit

The Orca Core trisuit is 80% made from recycled plastics. Not many trisuits or cycle wear brands are championing sustainability so it’s great to see that Orca is pushing this forward.

Orca Core Racesuit – £104.99


Can we just have a moment to soak in the appreciation of Morvelo?! A cycle brand that not only caters to men and women, but one that designs some of the most epic cycle kit you can find! Whilst Morvelo aren’t at the stage of using recycled products in their clothing, they plant a tree for every item purchased. According to their website, so far they’ve planted over 12k trees. They’ve also openly admitted that sustainability wasn’t high on their agenda when they first started out, but now realise its importance and are taking action to be more eco-friendly. Bravo Morvelo, bravo!

Morvelo Deal Womens Jersey – £75

sustainable cycle kit

How can you be eco-friendly?

What can you do to be more aware of your future purchases? Have a look on the company website. Most will have a section about sustainability or they will have something in the ‘About’ page.

Shopping sustainable

Individual items also should have the materials so that will give you some guidance about what is in the make up of the clothing. Do be careful though, as whilst some have the majority as eco-friendly, some items might not, so do read first.