sustainable ourdoor wear

I’ve told you about the options available for sustainable activewear, but what about for those who like to go on an adventure? Those who want to spend their time hiking, camping and exploring outdoors? I never realised how many brands are really championing sustainability, or making a clear pathway to becoming more eco-friendly. Today I want to share some of top brand options for sustainable outdoor wear.

Did you know we just bought a camper van? I actually think camper van sales have probably increased since lockdown. It’s going to be the new way to see Europe for us, as we’ll be in our own space and can go wherever we want to. First on our list is Chamonix, so thinking plenty of walks, runs, cycles and using their summer multi pass to soak in the mountains. I’ve based the list below on summer outdoor adventures.

Merino Sport Ultra light hoodie

Produced from recycled Nylon, this Merino canyon rose zip up hoodie/jacket is the ideal companion for those trips out. I tend to find I get really warm after I set out on a walk, so it’s a handy as it provides wind and weather protection. Pitched as light weight but with heavy duty protection – it’s the ideal hiking companion.

Cost – £80.49

Jack Wolfskin Midnight Moon fleece

Isn’t a fleece a staple clothing item for any outdoor activity? Yes it is! Whether you’re needing something for that morning dog walk, or that extra layer for the evening campsite chill – this is the one. The fabric is 100% recycled too. Big tick!

Cost – £49.00

Jack Wolfskin Routeburn Jacket

Jack Wolfskin is back with a well designed, like a down, but not a down, jacket! Why is this sustainable? Well it is 100% PFC free. It’s light, it’s quilted, its weatherproof, it’s warm… what more could you ask for?

Cost – £70.00

Merino Sport Lined Shorts

Definitely one for those trail runs in the mountains. These Merino shorts come with not only a great print, but they are also are recycled poly outer – meaning you can run knowing you’re sustainable.

Cost – £41.29

Merino Sport Hiking Shorts

These shorts are again from Merino and are recycled poly outer. You will always need a pair of hiking specific shorts. They make hiking so much more comfortable.

Cost – £41.99

Smartwool PHD Pro Endurance Socks

If you know me, you’ll know I can’t resist a fun printed sock! Even better is an eco-friendly sock like these ones from Smartwool.

Jack Wolfskin Windproof quilted gilet

I’ve actually had a North Face gilet for so many years now, and I swear by having one for outdoor activities. They’ll 100% keep your toasty when there is a chill in the air. This one from Jack Wolfskin is 100% PFC free too.

Cost – £59.00

Keen Terradora Hiking Boots

I’ve had a number of Keen footwear items and I’ll always recommend them. They are both comfortable and fun looking. This particular pair I’ve got in a different colour. These are eco-friendly because they are PFC free too

Cost – £109.99

What else should you do to be eco-friendly outdoors?

Many brands are becoming more aware of how they produce their clothing to encourage slow-fashion, and help to reduce the ‘throw away’ fashion that is getting ridiculous. Lots of brands are now changing how they create garments and really investing in becoming eco-friendly. Have a look on the different brand websites to find out which items are recycled or championing sustainability.