Making fresh air, fresher… is there such a thing? According to Arla there is! Introducing the limited edition Arla Fresh Country Air reed diffuser, which might I add, smells incredible! But how is there a connection between a country scented air-freshener and farmer-owned dairy cooperative Arla? Good question, let me explain…

Arla Diary

Fresh country air

If you know me, you’ll know very well that I’m all about the outdoors. I’m very lucky to live right near fields, and in a location that provides numerous walking routes and stunning views. It’s safe to say, the countryside is on my doorstep and have a strong appreciation for the land around me. Do you know who else feels this way? Arla. Like me, alongside their farmer owners, they too appreciate the importance of the land around us, and want to protect it not just for today, but as we journey into the future. 

Arla is reducing air pollution

Sustainability is big work ethic for this dairy brand and one of the ways Arla farmers are doing this is helping to make ‘fresh country air’ even fresher! How is that even possible? Well, we all know that strong ‘country’ smell when the fields have had a spread? Arla is encouraging its 2,400 UK farmers to look at alternative ways to ‘spread muck’ in their fields. 

Making fresh air, fresher

How are the farmers helping to make country air fresher when ‘spreading muck’ in their field? Well, if you were to find yourself near to any Arla farms, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at there being a significant difference in scent. In order to reduce this, some of their farmers are trialing new methods of muck spreading including: 

  • They inject it directly into the soil
  • They dribble it along the surface of their fields to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve soil health

By doing so, Arla farmers are actually helping to reduce air pollution. As you know, I’m a keen sustainability advocate, so it’s refreshing to hear that companies like Arla are making such positive steps in becoming a more sustainable organisation. 

fresh country air area

Arla farmer’s country air

In celebration of Arla’s journey towards becoming a carbon neutral organisation. Arla diary has launched a limited edition room fragrance, providing that fresh country air in the comfort of your own home. I’ve popped this delightful smelling diffuser in my kitchen and it’s so pleasant! When I go to make my morning coffee, I get a waft of that countryside scent, so even when I’m not outside, I get the smell of the outdoors whilst I’m indoors! I can’t wait to see what Arla do next in their journey to becoming carbon neutral.

*Post in collaboration with Arla Dairy UK