Whether you’re needing a pitstop on your cycle, or you want to simply sit and gaze at the magnificent scenery that surrounds you, finding a good coffee shop in Chamonix is super easy. But where does the best of the best coffee in Chamonix town? With 17 days in this glorious alpine location I took on the task to find the best coffee in town.

5. Le Shack (Mumma)Chill out in the chaos

Coffee in Chamonix

This outdoor space is a great spot for seeing everything that goes on around the bustling town centre of Chamonix. Also a big hit for anyone wanting a splash of fun at happy hour, as this place is booming at 4-6 everyday. Quieter in the day time is always expected, but with trendy deck chairs and comfy cushioned pallet framed sofas, sitting back and taking in the town centre chaos in a somewhat tranquil setting, is much welcomed. As for the coffee? It came in a cup that when I first saw reminded me of the cup that Indiana Jones drinks from in the Last Crusade. Clearly handleless coffee cups are on trend and it went over my head, but the coffee itself was fantastic, Indiana Jones or not.

4. Chalet Le FloriaCoffee with a view

Want to work for the caffeine kick? Why not hike up from Le Praz to Chalet Le Floria for your coffee? Myself, husband and our dog took the hike up to the stunning chalet and enjoyed what can only be described as the best espresso I’d had in years. You can actually eat at this restaurant too, with the most epic views, placed amongst beautiful flowers in a quaint wild garden. It’s important to note you’ll need cash to buy your coffee up here, as they don’t take card. If you ever wonder where Chalet Le Floria is, if you find yourself having a coffee at our number 2 coffee stop (Le Petit Social), look towards the mountain in front of you. There is a white flag – that is Chalet le Floria. You can thank me later 🙂

3. Extreme CafeSister of a legend

When your wifi password is bestcoffee, you know you’re in for a treat, either that or they’ve set the bar especially high on the coffeeometer! The sister property to the ever-epic Poco Loco burger restaurant just a trot down the road (seriously try the Everest burger if you ever visit), the Extreme cafe is the ideal spot for an utterly delicious and frothy cafe au lait. Close to everything in the Chamonix centre, you’re on a corner location which means this is great for people watching. Everyone loves to people watch from time to time and this is where to do it. The coffee here arrived in a glass cup rather than a coffee cup, I was unsure about it’s arrival vessel but was greeted by one of the smoothest coffees I’d ever had.

2. The Petit SocialLoved by locals

A firm fave in an area of Chamonix that can only be described as the Beverly Hills of Chamonix (yes, someone sat next to us referred to it as that so I’m pinching it), is the quaint and quirky, The Petit Social. A simple cafe au lait comes with a homemade almond biscuit and delightful flavoursome coffee. Here you can either sit in, or if you opt for outdoors you can gaze up towards the La Flegere lift. This is definitely a place locals love, and you know what they say, if locals actively visit, it’s got to be good. Solid wifi here too – I spent many days working and knocking back those coffees. If you’re sold on this locally appreciated venue you have the option to purchase hoodies, jumpers and caps… FYI I am now in fact a Chamonix Social Clubber and have a crew neck jumper to wear with pride now!

1. Moody’s Coffee RoastersThe coffee connoisseurs

Coming in on top is Moody’s cafe. Entering the cafe ready to fumble my way through my rusty French to order our iced coffees (FYI deux cafés glacés au lait d’amande s’il vous plaît), only to be greeted with a very English ‘Hi there, what can I get you today?’. It’s a dinky cafe with only a few seats, but that doesn’t mean Moody’s is quiet, in fact, quite the opposite. Beyond the coffee are delicious mouth-watering treats all on display ready to tempt you – I highly recommend the dark chocolate brownie if you find yourself at Moody’s. But, the main reason this coffee shop is tip top of the list, is because of the quality and impeccable taste of their in-house crafted coffee (which you can purchase in shop). It makes for a great working remotely location as it has great wifi, great coffee, great staff and some seriously tasty treats! Winner winner.

These are only a few of the great places to get a coffee in a Chamonix, but as a self-confessed lover of all things coffee, these are my most recommended for your next visit to Chamonix.