Lick paint makeover

The short answer? Yes Lick paint really can revamp your home! Before we get into that, I need to explain where we started with this massive home DIY job. My lounge has been an eye sore to me since we moved in 7 years ago. Whilst the previous owners felt textured wallpaper was the way to go through the entire house, the particular selection in the lounge was by far the worst. I actually felt embarrassed having anyone over.

We knew this was going to be an absolute beast of a job to revamp, so it never happened, until Lick paint got in touch to work with us. So lockdown number 2 became operation, Lick paint lounge!

Our house

Before we began our journey with Lick paint in the assisting of the colour selection and guidance on the look for our lounge, we needed to strip the wallpaper, and skim the walls. Which if you’ve ever done this, especially with textured wallpaper, is quite a job. Spending weeks living in utter chaos, using any spare time between work and life to get this room ready for a makeover, it felt like it was never going to be finished. The wallpaper was a particular pain to remove and we learnt after getting it off, that it had been put there in 1992 by a previous owner. That is wallpaper aged 28 years old. That is a long time, so no wondered my poor steamer was struggling!

My husband was an absolute legend when it came to skimming the walls. A task that is known within the industry to be one of the hardest, the walls were already wonky from a terrible cover up of a previously removed wall, and an old serving hatch. Honestly, the entire house is a messy job, from wonky walls to bad wiring, it is seriously one bad discovery after another!

Meet Lick paint

Skimming and stripping walls aside, it took ages, but we did it. Next was my call with Lick paint, but before I go into that, let me tell you a little more about this company. Firstly the range of colours available is vast which was good for me as we were open minded to the kind of colour we were looking for. We already had some great ‘pops’ of colour within the room, so needed something that could complement it all. Every shade you can think of, they have! And even though it isn’t about the paint itself, the company are super sustainable, and if you know me, you’ll know how important that is.

What do Lick paint offer?

  • Paint
  • Wallpaper
  • Blinds
  • Supplies
  • Samples

Lick paint colour consultancy

I’d never thought to have a colour consultant when picking out paint, and if I’m honest, I was a tad skeptical to begin. However, after being introduced to our Lick paint consultant, Sam, I was immediately won over. I had been a bit unsure about how my lounge would look with statement walls. It was bold move for me. I would normally opt for pastels, or keep the walls white, but I wanted to be myself and actually have the confidence to add a splash of colour.

We’d already had a look on the Lick paint website and decided we loved the idea of teal over the fireplace, then teal on the opposite wall, followed by light white walls for those left over. We had a chat with a lovely lady called Sam, who completely sympathised with my woes of the textured wallpaper! I did think she was about to tell me my idea would look awful and why would I ever select that, but to my delight she completely agreed. She even suggested we paint the fire place black to compliment our other ‘pop’ colours.

The idea of painting something such a dark colour in my home was completely out of my comfort zone. My mum always went for bright as possible, so think yatcht club in my family home! Having such a statement was a new step, but I took her advice and it seriously paid off. After our call I received a PDF of the colour combo and it looked incredible. My lounge was going to be visual delight!

What did our colour combo from Lick paint look like?

After my call with Sam she sent over a PDF summary. Looking at the combination of colours, I was so excited to get painting. She calculated the paint we needed and it arrived in a box ready for us to get started! I was particularly impressed with this part of the Lick paint process.

Meet our new lounge

What a transformation right? We are still yet to lay the new wooden floor, but we need a bit more time to save up for this as it is a big job! Myself and Nick had a celebration after we said goodbye to that terrible wallpaper, and all that time spent stripping, sanding, glossing and skimming, before the painting was worth every second.

The paint went on so well, we could have got away with one coat it was that good, but decided on two just to be extra sure on coverage. The look and feel of the walls is the cherry on top of the cake – I’m finally proud of my lounge and when we can have people over, I’ll happily welcome them in!

Absolutely massive thank you to Lick paint, I never thought such a transformation with just two colours could happen. We will definitely be inviting people over when we are able to! It’s going to be a fantastic Christmas at home.

*Post in collaboration with Lick paint