Welcome to my honest review of the new Honor Watch GS Pro. The ideal companion for those of us who like to dip our toes in adventure, but are keen on the practical side from a digital watch. If you’re hunting for a watch that can track your day to day activities, assist you with your activity stats and not look like a sports watch, then maybe the Honor Watch GS Pro is for you. But, first things first, let me breakdown what this watch does so you can make you’re own mind up.

Discovery of the Honor Watch GS Pro

As you may or may not be aware, Honor is part of the Huawei bubble, and having previously had Huawei wearables before, I was excited to try this out. I was invited to attend a virtual press event on Zoom, where former rugby player and recovering quadriplegic Ed Jackson hosted a Q&A. Ed is going on gruelling mountain treks to raise money for charity following an accident which left him paralysed from the neck down 3 years ago where adventure seeker, inspirational athlete and brand ambassador, llll talked us through his incredible story and his use of this particular Honor offering.

Look of the Honor Watch GS Pro

Meet the Honor Watch GS Pro, an urban x adventure companion that promises to be your best friend in even the toughest environments

Whilst it might seem a small thing, I was actually really excited about the idea of having a fabric strap. This watch does come with other straps, but I have a lot of issues with standard rubber watch straps. It causes me rashes and irritation, especially swimming and going from hot to cold easily. This comes in Marl White, Charcoal Black, Camo Grey and Camo Blue.

For the two Camo option Honor have adopted a more eco-friendly approach t their dyeing technique. They use something called Dope Dyeing which not only offers stronger colour and enhanced resistance to wear and tear, but this technique uses less chemicals and energy. As you can see, mine is Camo Blue, which I have been told is inspired by the ocean. Seems very fitting for me, being such a water lover!

What does it do?

As mentioned this watch is not just a general activity watch, it tracks a ridiculous amount of activities. Before I tell you about the activities, let me summarise the key features about the Honor Watch GS Pro.

  • 25-day prolonged battery
  • GPS Route Back
  • Water resistant
  • 14 militarygrade standards
  • Links up to the Huawei Health App
  • 100+ activity track options
  • Stores up to 500 music tracks
  • Use it like a phone with calls, emails etc
  • Overall health tracking – sleep, heart rate, steps etc

Designed in mind for urban adventurers. The rugged exterior is crafted with precision to survive even the toughest environments

14 military grade standards

This watch complies with military grading standards and can seriously deal with some intense situations! For example things like altitude, high and low temperature, temperature shock. Transferring that into real adventures, that can be things like hiking up mountains or ice swimming etc. It is safe to say this watch is tough and equipment to support you no matter how far you want to take it.

My experience with the Honor GS Watch Pro

I’d love to tell you I’ve taken this beautiful watch up a mountain, but due to lockdown my crazy adventure have been put on pause. So I can speak for the less adventurous side to this watch. I received this watch in September, and I’ve been testing it ever since. I can definitely understand this watch and what it offers, These big areas the stood out to me;

Route Back

We did get a small piece of adventure with a Lake District hike and not only did I track my hike. I took advantage of the route back. There is a built-in dual satellite system, and regardless how far off track you go, this watch helps you find your way back. I do sometimes struggle to retrace my steps, especially when I’ve been hiking all day and getting tired, so this was super interesting to see.

Sun, Moon and Tide

I do love the fact I can track sunrise and sunset everyday, this has seriously helped me so much with times to run, it also provides weather which is good too. It just allows me to be safe now it is getting darker earlier to run before sundown. I am a big fan of star gazing, especially camping and have thoroughly enjoyed tracking the moon! I cannot wait to use this when we head to Chamonix again. The finally, something I haven’t used, but looking forward to using when we surf next, is the tide option.

Activities for all

You take part in a sport, this will track it. The Honor GS Pro has a total of 15 professional workout modes and 85(!!) customised workout modes to help you stay active. One I loved using was open water swimming, but there are things like triathlon (which I would love to try when I do all my brick session training next season), running, cycling, mountain climbing, rower, trail running, skiing and much much more!

Connects to my phone

I have a large android phone, so having it out being used all the time is a bit of a pain. By linking my watch to my phone via blue tooth I can do calls, answer messages, even whattsaoo and so forth, I can also use music if you wish, but I didn’t do this.

Sleeping like baby

Sleep is really important to me with my epilepsy and I have been track my sleep and sleeping patterns with this app. I find sleep absolutely fascinating so this has helped so much in keeping on track. It also tracks my steps, calories burnt and heart rate.

Overall opinion

Main things that stood out for me personally, was to finally have an acceptable watch visually that I can wear beyond being active, although not something I could wear out for a meal, so it does have design limitations. That being said, it’s a nice design, so if you’re not fussed about whether you can wear it with everything, go for it! The watch is digital, it allows you to select for numerous watch faces, and because it is touch screen and provides such and an eclectic mix of adventure options and most importantly, it is easy to use and upload your stats, it get a big tick from me. Now I just wait to have more awesome adventures with it!

*This watch has been gifted but all views and opinions are that of my own