Winter clothing essentials

It’s official, I’ve just booked flights to Iceland for an adventure in February. Whilst I plan to get some skiing in before then, Iceland is a location we briefly explored and absolutely loved! For the chilly months ahead, having some great outdoor wear for all your adventures, regardless of mountain sports or not, is important. This could be hiking, wild camping, hitting the slopes or simply just keeping toasty when the temperatures drop. Here are the top buys for winter adventures, and they are all from the Protest Clothing AW20 collection.

What’s on the Protest clothing AW20 menu…

Let’s explore the best of the best, everything from women’s ski jackets, to you’re post winter activity apparel!

The best winter coat

You will always need a jacket, so for this I’ve selected two fantastic options for your winter needs. One for snowboard/skiing activities and one as a more casual winter warmer.

Protest Jessic Ski Jacket Rocky - £159.99
Starting with an item of clothing I adore! Now this is a multi purpose jacket, whilst it looks like a standard jacket, it doubles up for skiing! Pretty smart?
It is longer length, it's 10K water resistance, 10g breathability and the best bit for me? It's environmentally friendly being PFC Free!

Protest Ann Anorak Ski Jacket – £119.99

This colourful number was actually inspired by the original anorak, a design came from the polar regions. Pretty good right? Like the Jessica, this is another PFC-Free item, and is also 10k water resistant and 10g breathable. There are zippers at the front and sides, and it has a suede-like sheen to it. Jazz this up with some colourful snow trousers or opt for some classic white ones, and you’ve got yourself quite the outfit!

The best winter warmers

Protest Camille Fleece Jumper Very Grape – £49.99

If you follow me on Instagram @itsanniebean you will have definitely seen me wearing this fleece. It often comes with me when I cold water swim, and since I got it, I cannot seem to stop wearing it! Cosy is an understatement, this is both stylish and practical. Possibly one of my favourite Protest Clothing AW20 items. There are lots of options with these women’s ski fleeces so be sure to have a browse!

Protest Nxg Marula Sweatshirt – £59.99

One of my favourite things about this sweatshirt is the retro style to it. I love how we see this print down the arms, which is also on a few other garments in the Protest AW20 collection. I actually have this Protest Faith Soft-shell Anorak in the same print. It’s fun and interesting to see a new kind of apparel option for Protest.

Ski and Snowboard Trousers

If you’re off skiing or snowboarding, or actually heading somewhere cold. For example hiking the glacier (you can do it in Iceland), I found these sorts of trousers a great option to take away.

I have a pair of the Protest leopard print snowboard trousers from AW19, and absolutely love them. These are the Protest Angle 20 soft-shell leopard print ski trousers. Yes a tad bold, but they work with so much, and hey, if you snowboard you need to have at least one pair of bright or crazy print trousers! The second pair Protest Cinnamon Snowboard trousers are what I have for this year, keeping it tame on colours, although this particular pair come in a range of other colours. As mentioned though, if you’re not skiing or snowboarding, I found these to work for a multitude of winter activities.

Casual wear

Okay so casual wear may not be a priority, but for the apres ski or perhaps just wearing on a dog walk, you’ll always need some staple items in your wardrobe.

Protest Bowie Blouse Rocky – £49.99

A checkered red and black blouse should be a key wardrobe item any way! If you don’t have one, here is one for you to add. They go with so much, throw a black vest underneath and leave it unbuttoned, or fasten it all the way up. Do what works for you, but trust me you need one of these!

Accessorise for winter

Protest Paisley 20 Beanie – £17.99

I am the hat queen! Bobble hats are my winter accessory go to, I think I actually have over 20 now. I wear them everywhere, on the mountain, walking the dog, out on a hike and even on a cold water swim. It’s an absolute classic!

Winter treat for AW20

What do you think of these Protest AW20 options? Definitely some variety in their collection, especially with many sustainable choices available. Whilst I know these are only womenswear picks, don’t forget they do Men’s ski and snowboard jackets and fleeces too. It’s great to see more eco-friendly approaches to their fabrics. Don’t forget with every option on here you can get 10% off with my exclusive code – anniebean10 this is valid until February 28, 2021. Happy winter shopping!

*Post in collaboration with Protest Clothing