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I’m not sure about you, but my workout routine has completely changed since lockdown. Instead of visiting the gym for my workouts, I’m creating my own fitness schedule at home and slotting in exercise on my daily timetable. Which, as we all know is hard! I have my indoor cycling classes now sorted on the Echelon EX3 but I now have a rowing machine in my home gym to really take things up a level. Say hello to the Echelon Row.

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rowing machine review echelon

My home gym training

I still go out for my daily dog walk, I’ll often do a trail run, and as you know, I love to take myself for a chilly swim, but sometimes I just don’t want to do that. I want to train indoors. Take on a great kickboxing class, have some time for yoga or even an indoor cycling class. As I’ve managed to settle into a great routine with Echelon, I wanted to expand my training and really test myself. You can’t get more testing than a rower, which is why I’ve now added the smart rower, Echelon Row to my home gym collection.

Why the Echelon Row?

A rowing machine can give you a total body workout like nothing else! Whilst it targets your shoulders, arms and back muscles, you will definitely feel it in your legs and glutes too. The difference between the Echelon Row and a standard rowing machine is the interactive Echelon Fit app, which plays host to numerous rowing specific classes both live and on demand. That’s right, instead of siting on a rower and getting bored after 5 minutes, the Echelon Row will have you engaged as soon as you pick up the handlebars!

Echelon row review uk

Key points about the Echelon Row

  • 32 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Resistance is adjusted on the handlebar
  • Aluminum and steel frame 
  • It is quiet (Finally a rower that is quiet!)
  • On demand and live instructor led rowing classes
  • Scenic rows to help you escape for a while!
  • Neatly folds up making it easy to put away after usage
  • Easy to move with handlebar and wheels
  • Heart rate monitor capabilities (check to ensure compatible)
  • Comfortable seat
  • Screen holder rotates 180 degrees to allow you to do classes off the rower easily
  • Requires own tablet, but perfect for using for fitpass classes (yoga, kickboxing, pilates etc)
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Echelon rower classes

You have a lot of options on the Echelon row in terms of classes. You can select from 20 to 45 minute classes and things like speed and power specific workouts. Unlike any other rower experiences, the instructor is in a studio on the same equipment as you, so it is easy for following their instructions. You can also join some of your favourite instructors who also teach on the bike.

Why is the Echelon row different from other rowing machines?

The immersive workout and community experience of Echelon is definitely what sets this apart. Honestly, nothing compares to Echelon when it comes to instructors and community. Trust me! I have so many new friends since joining the Echelon community.

If I’m totally honest with you, I didn’t exactly enjoy going on the rowing machine in my gym, I’d get bored so easily or distracted and not get the best workout. With Echelon Row, I found I was completely absorbed in the class I was doing, meaning I got an excellent, and dare I say it, enjoyable workout. Having someone teach you correct form, motivate you and push you through the workout, and do it live – is incredible! I got DOMS like nothing I’ve had before on my first row, I certainly knew I had worked out!

Echelon rowing

Even though in the Echelon community, most people have bikes, there have been more people getting rowers too, so exactly like on your bike rides, you can meet up with fellow Echelon pals on the rower. Rowing together on the leaderboard and chasing each other! You will also get that same amazing leaderboard shout outs… the one that always makes you push that bit more!

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Cost and memberships

You have the rower cost and then to join me and many others on the rower classes, you’ll need the complete Echelon united membership. The rower is  £1,119. With Echelon you have three membership options. Pay monthly, annually or for two year plans. You need the membership to take part in these classes – and for me these classes are the cherry on top of the cake and what really sets the Echelon experience apart from any other. I talk more about the membership in my EX3 review.

Summary of the Echelon row experience

My personal experience with the Echelon row has been quite incredible to be honest, especially as I have never been a rower! It has helped me train well out of the pool, as even though I’ve not been racing for what feels like an age, I am actually confident with all that I’ve been doing. Hopefully it is going to allow me to be race ready.

When we had a brief time during lockdown when were allowed to go swimming, and my swimming felt amazing… and I know that is thanks to the rower. As I said in my EX3 review, it is the community, leaderboard and instructors that win me over with Echelon, the rower is a fantastic piece of equipment, but it is the package that completely sets Echelon apart from anything else.

Watch me review the Echelon rower on my video below.

*Echelon row gifted but all opinions reviews not obligated and are that of my own