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People always pay a lot of attention to their own diet and nutritional wellbeing, especially when you’re active like me, so it is important that we pay as much attention to our four-legged friends’. After all a long dog walk is just half of the story, particularly where our Winnie is concerned.

James Wellbeloved is in the family

We have always had James Wellbeloved in the family and if you were to ask any of my family members to name their ‘go-to ’dog food company, they’d immediately say James Wellbeloved. Not only do I use James Wellbeloved food for my dog Winnie, but both my parents’ dog Olly and sister’s dog Teddy use it too.

We try to be as active as possible with Winnie, and lucky for us our little girl races about investigating everything. She definitely has her exercise checked off, so what about her diet? Why James Wellbeloved?

It’s Grain-free

Many dog owners like to give their pets grain-free food, this could be due to health reasons or just personal preference. James Wellbeloved offers an extensive range of food including grain free options. This particular product is made using a mixture of delicious vegetables but avoiding cereals (which many other dog foods contain), helping those doggies with sensitive tums.

The best ingredients

In this dog food you’ll find all the essentials for your pooch: the right vitamins, minerals and high quality, single source protein. Many other dog food options out there contain things like dairy, beef, pork, soya, eggs, wheat, cheap bulking ingredients or artificial preservatives, and flavourings or colouring. All of these can cause health problems for our pet pooches. There is none of that with this food – this is natural dog food.

It’s healthy!

The main thing is that James Wellbeloved food has all the goodness pets need – and nothing they don’t. You know that by feeding your four-legged pal this food, you’re doing your best to ensure they stay healthy. Bonus is it’s also naturally hypoallergenic.

Humans are also taught to eat as natural as possible; even we’re not meant to eat items full of artificial preservatives, flavours of colours. We all know how an unhealthy diet can affect our wellbeing, both mentally and physically… so why should your dog be any different?

5 top tips for Doggy Diet Do’s and Don’ts in keeping healthy

It is so easy to get sucked in by those puppy dog eyes especially when you’re eating. In fact, Winnie will sometimes have an evening treat, and one time I gave her one, but she managed to convince my husband to give her a treat too. She basically conned us both out of a treat, without the other realising she’d already had one! Dogs hey!

  1. Sensible treating

This is a big one especially around the festive season, it’s so easy to give the dog some table scraps or a big treat. We like to give her an evening treat every other night or if we’ve been out on a particularly long walk. Just be cautious of how much extra they are getting.

2. Don’t overfeed

Big one for me has been overfeeding and it is so easily done! I realised I was giving Winnie far too much food as she was gaining a bit too much weight. I cut down her portions and she’s a far better weight now. I suggest getting some scales to measure out the right amount.

3. Avoid toxic human food

Don’t feed them grapes, onions and chocolate, as these are all highly toxic to dogs. They should never have these, so ensure they aren’t feed by yourself or in reach of the dog.

4. Regular exercise

Like all dogs, Winnie loves her walks. We have often considered putting a pedometer on her as she runs around that much! Winnie is a fan of squirrel chasing (although even when meeting one she doesn’t know what to do) and playing with fellow dogs. I sometimes take her jogging with me on short routes and she loves it. My point is, every dog needs exercise.

5. Dog friendly human foods

There are dog friendly human foods out there, for example Winnie sometimes has a carrot, which we chop in half. The James Wellbeloved website has some great advice on this. Click here to find out more.

Summary of dog health and wellbeing

Much like humans, dogs need a healthy diet and regular exercise. We absolutely love James Wellbeloved across the entire family! It’s actually nutritious for your dog too and their healthy dog food comes in a variety of different variations from puppy to senior.

This post is in conjunction with James Wellbeloved but all thoughts are my own.