Working out at home just got ten times better after the launch of the Echelon Stride. Expanding on their known-for, indoor cycling classes, Echelon have raised the bar with a treadmill that gives users running workouts. We’re not just talking any running workouts either! Much like their indoor cycling classes with a leaderboard, these are instructor led.

As many know I’m a big fan of being an Echelon member, I have the bike, the rower, the reflect and now the treadmill. My training for my triathlon isn’t just out on a road bike, or in a pool, I do a lot of training at home. I work all week, and some days are busier than others, meaning that trip to the lake to go open water swimming, sometimes can’t be squeezed in.

Since lockdown working out at home completely changed for me, and Echelon Fit with all it’s offerings revolutionised the way I workout… and being honest, I don’t know why I hadn’t been training like this sooner!

What is the Echelon Stride

It’s a treadmill, if you hadn’t guessed, but the best part for me is that it neatly folds up, with it’s auto-folding option. That’s right, a true space saver that not only is compact but it rolls easily, so you can relocate yourself should you wish. This was a huge bonus for me as sometimes I’d use it in the car port, other days inside and even once (during a rare good weather day), I took it outside. It’s safe to say that have those wheels and the fact it folds up, sets it apart from others. I’d like to also add that unlike other foldable treadmills, it still feels sturdy. Many other foldable treadmills tend to feel quickly weedy! Not the Echelon Stride!

What’s the cost?

£1599 which you can do on finance for as low as £67 per month, so if you don’t have the full sum straight away you can easily spread your payments out.

Clothing [Gifted]:
Adidas Don’t Rest Nini Sum Training Bra – £21
Adidas Believe This 2.0 Nini Sum Training Tights – £60
Adidas Ultra Boost S&L DNA Trainers – £109

What was the run like?

As I say, the smooth folding action makes this treadmill good quality, and most importantly, sturdy. So what is it like running on it?

I’ve only ever run on stationary treadmill at gyms and one folded one. The treadmill that I previously tried folding treadmill wobbled and to be honest, I didn’t feel stable at all! The Echelon Stride was significantly different, It had the sturdiness of a stationary treadmill, but it moved easily. It didn’t rock or move around when running. Always a big bonus!

Quick points on the Echelon Stride

  1. Product dimensions – 69.3″ × 31″ × 49.2
  2. Max Speed 12mph (that’s pretty fast!)
  3. 12 Levels with a max Incline of 10%
  4. Only 10 inches deep when it is folded up
  5. Lightweight
  6. Auto folding
  7. Console and handlebars are locked into place
  8. Emergency cord attachment
  9. Wheels at the bottom make it super easy to move about
  10. Display built in to show your manual mode metrics
  11. Great design – looks good!
  12. Super quiet unlike other treadmills
  13. Easy to build – hardly any building required

The Echelon Stride running classes

As mentioned, the Echelon running classes are very much the same format as those you can do on the bike or the rower. You get the same leaderboard experience but this time your instructor is running with you. How amazing right? It baffled me how these instructors could run at speed and still chat! And I don’t know why, but it still happens, as soon as you get a leaderboard shout out, I can’t help but absolutely absorb myself in the class! ‘They just called my name and told me to keep going! I’m gonna keep going!’

There are different kinds of running classes, everything from speed, to walking to endurance. So whether you’re a seasoned pro runner and need a hard workout, or if you’re just getting into running, there is something for everyone. It is important to note as well, the durations vary as well, so if you like a long run, or a short run, that’s an option as well.

What type of classes are there?

As mentioned, these come in different durations, so if you’ve only go 20 minutes to run on your lunch, then you can hop on and find a class. Select from both live runs or on demand runs, and you’ll never be bored!

  • Hills
  • Walks
  • Endurance
  • Speed
  • Races
  • Bootcamp classes (part on and off treadmill)
  • Rhythm runs
  • Scenic Runs
  • Running challenges
  • Beginner runs/walks
  • Warm up and cool downs

How I found the running classes

I thoroughly enjoyed how these running classes tested me. Whilst I do run with a running club, I just clock up distances and being completely honest, my pace remains around the same. I’ve always stayed at the same pace. I don’t personally do speed related drills, so using the Speed 20 classes was incredible for my running. It allowed me to work on my short sprint style running, without publicly displaying my ‘hot tomato’ red face! By doing this, it allowed me to explore going faster for a shorter distance, as I tend to hold back in my comfort zone with running. I tend to go at a steady pace to conserve energy, basically never getting faster because of it. By doing speed workouts I think has helped increase my pace.

The leaderboard shout outs are like a hidden gem in motivation. When an instructor calls out your leaderboard name, you feel accountable! It makes me want to do my best and get the most out of that class. To be honest, this is the same feeling when I do a live class with each piece of Echelon equipment.

Can I use the treadmill without the classes?

There is a manual setting if you just want to run, but personally I think it’s pretty pointless buying such an epic treadmill to not use the classes. Honestly, these classes have absolutely changed my running. I’d strongly suggest if you get the Echelon Stride, to do the intro classes, then start going through the different types of classes. From there, move onto the in Echelon app running challenges. This was what I did and it’s definitely helped motivate me to get on the treadmill and train.

Echelon have a membership that covers all their products, so if you already have the bike and buy a treadmill, that same membership plan works for that too. You can also take advantage of their FitPass (off treadmill classes), and the massive community too! The memberships start from as low as £24.99.

Clothing [Gifted]:
Adidas Don’t Rest Nini Sum Training Bra – £21
Adidas Believe This 2.0 Nini Sum Training Tights – £60
Adidas Ultra Boost S&L DNA Trainers – £109

How good are these treadmills?

They are really good, you have an emergency cord that you clip to yourself, and you simply fold it up when it isn’t on. If a treadmill has the ability to fold up, I don’t know why you would want to leave it down. It ensures it is kept safe and away from those who shouldn’t be on it.

Overall opinion of the Echelon Stride

I have loved this. I’d never thought of having a ‘running’ class before, but it has changed my running for the better. I’ve also never been a fan of treadmill running, I get bored when I’m focusing purely on my incline and speed. The big benefit for me has been the ease to run. Going to be completely honest, I only tend to go running with my running club (because I’m accountable to other people), or when the weather is nice, which is rather rare here in the UK! When the rain comes or it’s a grey day, motivation feels non-existent! Having the Echelon Stride so accessible to me has really helped keep my training on track.

All the instructors are excellent, but my personal favourites have been Sam Jackson and Dani Dellaraco, both teach really well and give advice on running efficiently.

*Echelon Stride gifted as I’m a brand ambassador and sponsored athlete.