With so many options for goggles out on the market, it can be really confusing when trying to find the right ones for your swimming. If you don’t just swim in you local indoor pool, and find yourself outside swimming, whether that be in the lake or the sea, having the correct eyewear can absolutely impact your swim experience. 

We often go to swim sessions focused on nailing that technique, like getting a good rotation, not over pausing on the breath, or even battling the elements in our new wetsuit, it all becomes our prime focus. But what about your sight? Surely that is important too? 

There is nothing worse than swimming along and finding the sun blazing in your eyes, but you didn’t wear the right goggles for the race. Now you’re swimming along feel a bit disorientated, and instead of swimming smooth, and focusing purely on your technique effiency, you’re feeling bothered by the fact you can’t see well.

Goggles technology 

Luckily goggle technology has come on leaps and bounds over the years, so finding the right ones for your swimming is actually a lot easier than you think. Because I swim a lot and in different conditions, I do have a range of goggles and I select the appropriate ones for those swim conditions. I’m not saying you necessarily need 10 pairs of goggles for swimming, there are hybrid ones that are a bit of everything, but if you have a specific swim you do, such as open water, there are great ones designing purely with that in mind. 

Finding the right goggles is so important, for example you wouldn’t select dark goggles during a evening swim would you? Or what about the fit of them? So my friends at Zoggs have got you covered with three easy check steps.

Step one: Getting the right fit of your goggles

Surely goggles are one size fits all? Yes to some extent that is very true, but perhaps you have a small frame? The last thing you want is goggles that fit badly and ultimately let in the water. You might want mask style goggles for your open water swimming. This is why investigating the fit of your goggles is step one.

Step two: Which frame do you want?

Swim companies like Zoggs have quite the range when it comes to their goggles, with literally an option for every scenario and budget. I personally love the Zoggs Predator goggle range, especially for my triathlons. They do have 14 kinds of Predator options, boasting different technology options to suit your swim needs ranging from £25.00 to £60.00. There are also other options ideal for those wanting to simply get in their local pool and get moving, with prices as low as £12.00, or even mask styles ones which I personally love for open water swims.

Step 3: What lenses should I chose?

Had you have asked me about lenses a few years ago, I wouldn’t have none there were so many options. Again, Zoggs are definitely the royalty of goggle options!

  • Clear – low light conditions. I’m a big fan as I feel like I can see a lot in open water
  • Smoked tint – perfect for sunny conditions as they work the same as sunglasses with medium protection
  • Polarized – Lots of light and sunshine? These are the ones! The reduce glare making them great for open water swims
  • Mirrored – Reduces lense glare and bright conditions
  • Titanium – High level protection from the light they even reduce eye fatigue
  • Prescription – wear glasses normally? These are tailored for those who need prescription lenses
  • Colour tinted – Bright indoor lights during a swim? These are the ones to help as they are great option for indoor swim light protection

That’s a lot of lens options to chose from! If you want to have an explore, be sure to check out the extensive goggle range from Zoggs here.