I’ve found a hotel that when you imagine what Palm Springs is like, it’s this hotel. Full of charm, character and an interior you can’t stop snapping, or mentally planning how you’ll recreate it in your own home. Meet the Sands Hotel & Spa in Greater Palm Springs.

You could quite easily miss the Sands Hotel & Spa, because it is set back from the main road, near to some local boutiques and enclosed behind off-pink walls. The first part of its appeal for me, it’s quiet, it’s calm and yet still close to the action.

I was kindly invited to stay at the 1950’s Sands Hotel & Spa in Indian Wells for four days post triathlon in Indian Wells – the perfect way to unwind and relax after my first 70.3 triathlon! I’m a huge fan of Palm Springs for many reasons and this wasn’t my first visit. I absolutely adore the vibe of the area and was delighted to return. I love everything from the activities nearby, the delicious Californian cuisine and of course, the iconic architecture sweeping across it’s landscape. Plus, you can always guarantee the weather, so what is not to love?

What is the Sands Hotel & Spa like?

The Sands Hotel & Spa consists of a high wall front with its own car park, beautifully coloured in off pink ‘palm springs’ paint, with grand doors leading you directly into reception. Once checked in you’re greeted by a gorgeous pool area, with plenty of bedding choice including very welcoming sun loungers.

On one side is the hotels spa, and to the left of this is one of the best hotel restaurants I’ve dined at, the Pink Cabana. We first stopped here for a much needed morning coffee, before we checked into our room, then dined here one evening.

The hotel has 46 rooms and is designed with inspiration of a high-end motel meets Palm Springs sophistication. It is evident even before exploring further, that the attention to detail is a top priority. Nothing has been missed, and that in itself creates a soft ambient setting, especially with the grand palm trees (even resident lemon tree), enhancing that chill out vibe. Ideal for my post triathlon unwind I’d been craving.

The Room

As mentioned the layout is very much of a motel manner, but with hotel elegance and two floors of rooms accessible from the pool. On entering our room, with it’s black door and quaint mini palm tree decoration, I realised I wanted to pick up the decor and popped it straight back at my own home! We had a lovely balcony that did overlook the carpark, however the property had perhaps anticipated this as there was plenty of greenery to provide some privacy.

A small but well equipment bathroom, with walk in shower, grand sink with large mirror, and toilet. The shower was powerful and the complimentary toiletries provided were all excellent.

It’s the little details

Once into the main area of the room, the bed was a great size, directly facing the main unit and plenty of storage space. There was music playing as you entered the sleeping area, which as a huge music enthusiast I was over the moon by. If the room decor wasn’t enough to win you over by the Sands Hotel, the playlist of the hotel was simply, perfect. Classics were softly playing from Nat King Cole, Perry Como and Ella Fitzgerald. I just wish they had a Spotify account so I could bring these tones back to my own home!

There was a mini bar, liqueur bottles, then a cafetiere for your morning coffee. Being a big coffee drinker, the fact I had ground coffee to wake up to was a huge bonus. I had immediately gone from stressed trying to collect all my triathlon items, to in complete relaxation mode.

Dining at the Pink Cabana

It’s hard not to be immediately drawn in my the attention to detail in the Pink Cabana restaurant. As soon as you enter the enclosed hotel grounds, the Pink Cabana can be spotted on the left side. Perfectly placed to allow diners to gaze out at the beautiful palm trees and swaying evening lights, only adding more to its quirk and ambience. This charming little eatery boasts an incredible menu, and definitely perfect to cater to every palette. Plus, it’s not just evening meals, there are options for breakfast and lunch too.

The Pink Cabana is an ingredient-driven restaurant featuring Mediterranean cuisine with a Moroccan influence.

The Pink Cabana Restaurant

Having my ex-chef husband with me, is always good fun because he gives me a great breakdown of how things are made. We’ll always discover what is quite simple to create and what is more complicated. I won’t lie, I’m no queen of the kitchen but I can definitely appreciate a good feed.

We started things out with the Cabana Mezze, always my favourite option for a starter in a restaurant setting. It gives diners the chance to sip their drinks, nibble and socialise. This was wonderful and as a big olive lover these were definitely some of the finest in flavour! Moving onto the mains Nick had the Fritto Misto, I sampled some of this also and it was extremely flavoursome without being overpowering. I’m not a mushroom fan, so avoided some options, and instead opted for the Harissa chicken.

Whilst these main meal options might sound quite heavy, they are far from that. Often paired with leafy garnish, the Moroccan influences for these dishes, definitely played a strong lead in the flavour pairings. This meant there was a lot of aromas and flavours, I just wish I’d been able to try more!

To quickly add, I was desperate to enjoy a good brunch here, but unfortunately didn’t have time. I did however enjoy a latte on first arrival. There is good coffee, then there is good coffee, and this was good coffee. You’ll thank me later, but also just google ‘French toast at the Pink Cabana Palm Springs’ and look at images. If that doesn’t sell you on eating here, I’m not sure what will! I’ll be back for brunch!

The Spa

I didn’t have any treatments at this spa but I popped my head in to see what is was like. Goodness! A morrocan inspired delight is what I found. Set a little bit back on the left as you enter the pool area, there is plenty of space between it, and the pool. Ultimately providing guests with the tranquility sought after on any spa visit. As I say, I cannot comment on the service, but if the smells and visuals are anything to go by, I could have happily drifted off to sleep during a massage there!

Sands Hotel Summary

If you’re looking for something moving at a slower pace, this hotel is a delight to the senses. It shouldn’t be dismissed. We would both return in a heart beat. Great location, incredibly attentive and kind staff, with a pool that allowed me to do some swim training in… but also enjoy a cocktail and a good feed nearby. I guess it’s everything you want from a relaxing hotel stay really.

*Complimentary visit to the Sands Hotel & Spa – all views and opinions are that of my own*