Is there anything worse than heading out on your run, only to suddenly start feeling uncomfortable because you’ve selected the wrong sports bra? The entire run feels agonisingly painful, and instead of focusing on enjoying your run, you’re overwhelmed by the incorrect decision. Not good right?

Finding the right sports bra for running has been something I went on a quest to find a few years ago, and now, feel confident in sharing my findings after doing multiple marathons and triathlons. Just like selecting the perfect running trainers, a good sports bra should be a priority also.

Why do I need a high impact bra for running?

Firstly, as you may have seen you can get different kinds of impact sports bras, low, medium and high. Without a shadow of doubt, you’ll always need a high impact sports bra for running. Even if you’re jogging and taking it steady, by ensuring you have as much support as possible because it can eventually cause sagging. This is due to repeated stretching when we run, not to mention how painful it can be without the right support.

What kinds of sports bras are available?

Some people like a padded sports bra, and some prefer without. Be sure to check out the range with Brooks Running. Their special bra finder is excellent if you’re unsure of what exactly it is you’re looking for. I’d highly recommend using this to get the perfect one for you.

You’ll find a wide range of high impact sports bra, from racer backs, to front zip options and also ones in fun colours and from a more fashion side. Without losing the core reason of the sports bra, which is to provide comfort and support during your run! There are different fabrics, different holds, the list goes on, so if ones doesn’t work for you, don’t give up.

Test out a few sports bras

The only way you’re going to find the right sports bra for you, is to test a variety out. For me, I love a racer back and I’m also a fan of a bit of padding to help ease the impact of an intense run. As I say please visit the Brooks bra finder service online to get something that works for you. The main thing is have some sort of support for both for your enjoyment during your run and to avoid long term damage to your body.

What is your go-to high impact sports bra? Be sure to let me know.