Going on a trip, whether that’s for a sit down holiday, to scale a mountain, or just for straight-up sight-seeing, your bag is important. The bags you travel with all come down to what you plan to do, as for example, there is no point taking a hiking backpack if you plan on having a beach break – right?! Today I’ve listed the best kinds of bags to travel with depending on what your travel adventure holds.

Sight-seeing travel bag

You’re off to Rome for a weekend, after leaving your suitcase in the hotel, you’re off out for the day. So what do you take? I’d never suggest anything other than a backpack style bag for a sight-seeing trip. Having a single shoulder, especially if carrying cameras and things for the day, can really start to cause all the aches and pains!

Definitely a backpack! You’ll need purse, phone, camera, small bit of makeup, and having straps is a must as it is better for your back and shoulders. Especially if you plan on doing lots of walking etc.

A great choice, and to keep things fun is of course Loungefly backpacks. Yes, you might be thinking ‘isn’t that just Disney instagrammers’, no definitely not. There is such a range of products, from Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter,DC, Muppets and so much more! But beyond them being fun, they are so well made! This makes them ideal for a little weekend away in say London, or Barcelona. You can select something bold, but there are some which are quite subtle too, plus remember that once the backpacks go, their gone!

Bag of choice? A Loungefly Mini Backpack – Lots to select from!

Carry-on Cabin Bag

The cabin bag you take onboard is split for me, because it ultimately depends on what you’re doing once you reach your destinations. Therefore I’ve split this into two.

Travel size suitcase

Take a case on the flight is for those weekends away when you don’t plan on doing a huge amount of anything adventurous. For example, like me you went to Tenerife for a girls weekend. Perfect, so I took my Samsonite suitcase, I always pre-measure my case based on the airline (which I strong suggest doing as they’re all different).

A hard case shell suitcase is one of my preferred kinds of suitcase anyway for cabin travel, as it ensure it is compact and the right size. Plus it keeps all your items safe, especially with the attached lock like seen on Samonsite options.

Cabin Bag of Choice? Any of the options from Samsonite Litebox Spinner Cabin Suitcase

Travel size cabin bag

Got a bit of adventure on your hands or going to be off on your feet all day? Then I’d highly recommend a bag that will be reused during your trip. A suitcase, probably is going to be a pain, so take something you’ll actually use! A good sized backpack is the most obvious choice. There are lots out there!

These will be reused on your trip, so be sure to find a bag that is appropriate to the airline you’re travelling with, and will be suitable for whatever you plan to do on your travels. Ideally go for a backpack that has been designed with adventure in mind like Osprey or Cotopaxi, it just means these bags are hardwearing with plenty of handy storage options.

Bag of choice? Either a Cotopaxi Allpa 35 Backpack or an Osprey Fairview Trek 50 backpack

Main Travel Suitcase

If you’re off on a long haul flight and need your 23kg of luggage to go in the hold, there are lots of options now out there. Personally I go for bright when it comes to a suitcase meant for the hold because it just means I can spot it easily when it comes to collection. Trust me, if you want to find your bag quick, getting a case with a print on it, really does work!

Personally I find having a split case with compartments both sides tend to be the most space saving. I try to keep all my clothes on one side then things like shoes, and accessories to the other side. Also, finding a case with an added lock is always safe when travelling, which the American Tourister comes with.

When it comes to your main travel suitcase, personal preference of whether you want a hard shell case or a soft one, is completely up to you. Both have pluses and minuses to them, but as mentioned before, the brighter and bolder your case the better it is for collection when you reach your destination.

Bag of choice – Either Roxy In The Clouds 87L Suitcase or American Tourister Spinner Expandable Suitcase

Travel bags in my experience are a long term investment. Yes you could find cheaper, but will it last? Put it this way, my Roxy suitcase is coming up for 10 years old and it’s still going!