If you know me, you’ll know I adore swimming. I’m a rare triathlete that likes the swim the most, especially if it’s an open water swim too. Training in the right swimwear is hugely important, and getting the right style and type for your training should be a priority. Today I’ve selected 5 of the best swimsuits for triathlon training, from the new Zoggs swimsuit collection.

Open water swimming – Palm Print Swimsuit

These aren’t a new style from Zoggs but these are ideal for swimsuit training swims outside or under your wetsuit. There is extra lining that basically keeps you insulated so you don’t get too cold. Genius right? With some fun prints too, what’s not to love?

Front zip swimsuit – Gemini Front Zip Swimsuit

I wore this in the recent Zoggs ‘Our Body, Our Swim’ campaign and fell in love with it big time. High neck swimsuits really do keep you nice and secure, the fit is flattering, and with hidden support (always need), is perfect for training.

High Front swimsuit – Ocean Smoke Swimsuit

Definitely one if you’re looking for something completely supportive. This is a super popular style from Zoggs, but still has that fun element with a splash of colour against the black. If you’re an eco-warrior, this is for you, as this swimsuit is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Thicker straps swimsuit – Breakaway Masterback Swimsuit

For those that like a fun print swimsuit, look no further! Whilst the design is awesome, just know this has been designed for swimming harder and faster. The thicker straps and cross back give excellent support, ultimately meaning you won’t even notice your swimsuit whilst you’re training. Clothing is always good, if you forget you’re even wearing it… means it’s not causing any issues!

Legsuit Swimsuit – Cotteslow Black One Piece Leg Swimsuit

Finally! I’ve been hunting for one of these so long. I’m just gonna come out and say it, inbetween wax days this is going to be incredible. If like me you swim alot but have issues waiting on waxes, this is the ideal swimsuit for those inbetween days. Not only that, it kind of mimicks how a trisuit might feel – always good to have this in your swim bag. I’d actually go as far as saying it’s one of my favourites!

So there you go some awesome new swimwear from Zoggs, all ideal for your triathlon training depending on the kind of support and swimming you’ll be doing. Which is your fave from the new collection? Let me know!