About Us

Well hello there! Our names are Annie and Nick, and you’re currently browsing our Tales of Annie Bean blog. A blog that has been going since 2011 and has developed and grown in so many ways. Starting out as Annie’s personal blog and continues to be mainly managed by Annie, husband Nick has played a huge part in its growth and now contributes to both the blogs and films.

We cover a broad range of topics depending on what we’re passionate about, however, the core focus tends to circulate around fitness, travel and lifestyle, but Annie likes to dip her toe in fashion and beauty. We also now have a YouTube channel with my top video fetching over 210k views.

We are both very active and love doing triathlons, swimming, cycling, running, yoga and basically any sort of crazy challenge. Annie and Nick are currently qualified spin instructors, with Annie now undergoing her Personal Training qualification with ICS and YMCA.

The blog has grown over the years and has seen us travelling the world because of it. We have worked with travel companies, tourist boards and then the likes of Adidas and even travelled abroad with Huawei and Vogue. The blog has been a finalist in the UK Blog Awards for 3 years running and I was named a top 50 global health and fitness influencer of 2015 but was finally awards fitness blog of the year with MyProtein in 2017.

We do not accept pre-written material so please don’t email asking about it, I like to write everything myself. 

If you fancy getting in touch about any potential collaboration or advertising opportunities, please do email me annie@talesofanniebean.com