I was kindly sent a Nook GlowLight* to try out and as I’m a technology geek I thought me going away would be the perfect opportunity to give it a go.  I’d already got about ten books on my hit list to read and the idea of taking such a light weight option with me was a saving grace… my handbag and suitcase were already full!You can’t beat a good book can you? The idea of taking those minutes out
of your daily life and lost within the crisp printed pages is like
nothing else? Exactly why I have so many books that I have 6
I was due to be going my holiday and couldn’t wait for a week of relaxing and frankly doing not a lot.  I love to read but often enough I never have time to get through as many books as I like – usually because I’ll fall asleep in bed before I get to the end of the first chapter!

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Nook UK ereader

A crisp white device created by Barnes & Noble, arrived ready to join me on my holiday adventure. I couldn’t really get over how small it was and the fact I could take it in my handbag. I don’t think my handbag has ever felt so light.

I did find it bizarre to begin with as I’m so used to using a touch screen pad that I did try touching the screen a few times before I got the hang of it.  It is touch screen but gentle motions are needed with a quick swipe waking the Nook up and giving you various options.  It is E ink display so it is just like paper.

After setting up, one thing I was stunned by was how much choice there was in the shop.  Before you panic about this being a pay monthly mobile phone style device, it does have the option to connect to the Internet but it isn’t necessary.  The wifi connection is purely to give you the options to browse the shop, so you could download the books you want then read them whilst sat in the park where there is no connection.

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NOOK Vs Kindle

I won’t lie even I was wondering how this was any difference to the Kindle.  I bought my finance a Kindle previously so made him test out the Nook and the Kindle, he said it was simple to use and much lighter.  The Nook Glowlight is very similar in offerings but this is only 89.00 and a Kindle Paperwhite (most similar model) is £109.00 or more depending on what you’re wanting.

  • Built-in Reading Light
  • Sample Books for Free
  • Parental Controls
  • Free Cloud Storage
  • 175g in weight
  • Book Lending & Borrowing
  • Three colours to choose from
  • 8 weeks battery life

The Nook GlowLight is slightly lighter in weight and can store up to a whopping 2,000 books…which you can store in the free cloud storage and the Kindle can only hold up to 1,100. Even though it is lighter it still feels sturdy. I’ve been told there is far more choice in the Nook store and being totally materialist this is white and looks beautiful with it’s curvy edges.

So there are many similarities with only a few differences but the price? Well it seems almost daft spending more when you’re getting an equal spec, more stylish look and something with more storage and selection.

The Store

One thing I really must point out is how much choice their is on the Nook, everything you can possibly think of.  I decided to test this by hunting for an old Jane Green Book (Jemima J where the fat girl gets thin and it’s ll a big party?!) and they had it!  I spent around a day of my holiday reading that before soaking up Cosmopolitan magazine near the pool.  It was great to know I wasn’t going to be carting half the beach back in my book or ripping the pages of a magazine after dropping it in the pool.

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The Nook turns off on the top and then will have a screen that indicates that the Nook is completely turned off.  To turn it on you hold the button and slide across.  There is an option to make it light up so when it gets late you can still read easily.

There is no glare on the screen so you can read whatever and wherever.  I believe Kindle have only recently introduced this in their Paperwhite model.  I might be wrong but regardless the Nook is very much embracing this feature, and of course you can book mark pages, preview books and get involved with book reviews after reading.

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If after reading for a while you want a break simply press the ‘n’ at the bottom of the device and it’ll go to sleep.  When you’re ready to read again press the ‘n’ and it’ll be good to go.

The Nook comes in other colours mine is the matted white with grey, but you can also have the rim in red or purple.  The only issue is if white will remain white? I was really concerned on holiday with it going in and out of my bag all the time.

It is really easy to use and even though there is lots you can do, it doesn’t make anything complicated and remains easy to navigate around.  I’m hooked already because I managed a whooping 8 books and 2 magazines whilst I was away!  The idea of carting that across the globe is laughable, and having something I could have in my handbag with all that and more is super. I acknowledge that I will always want hard copies of some books but atto be quite honest I won’t for a vast majority I do read.

Whether you go for this kind of ereader or another one, the concept is quite genius…. the added bonus about this for me is the price, look and storage. Thanks for my Nook Glowlight gift it gets a big thumbs up… now back to my book!