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It seems it is all going on the life of Annie Bean! I don’t think I’ve actually sat down until now, that being said if I was spending my days twiddling my thumbs I’d never have anything to tell you! I’ll quit rabbiting on… The other week I was in Milan for the Huawei Smartwatch launch and Vogue China’s birthday party. Having only seen Milan airport before I was super excited to see a place that I desperately wanted to check off on my places to visit list. It was going to be a brief visit of only 24 hours and my gosh was it jam packed!

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Meeting up with my fellow blogging buddies and media savvies, we checked into the hotel and immediately went for lunch. I of course was walking like John Wayne – if John Wayne had wooden legs of course! Paints quite a picture I know, reason being was the day before I’d run the Berlin Marathon before flying to Milan. I almost felt like saying to the group, I’ll set off 20 minutes early and meet you there, but instead I waddled along at my glacial pace. I was very hungry and so the fact I’d burnt over 3,000 calories the day before I was all over Italian foodie goodness. Gnocchi? Hell yes.

Vogue china party

Munched my lunch and back to the hotel we went for a bit of downtime before getting ready to head out. We were all here for the launch of the Huawei Smartwatch, (we each had one with a limited strap design by designer Barnaba Fornasetti) then onto Vogue China’s 10th anniversary party! Well, this was gonna be quite a to-do, so I knew I need to make an effort regardless of my gravitating toward comfy footwear post race.

Caitlyn dress style chi chi

The process of deciding on my look was hard but I’m a huge fan of Chi Chi Clothing for posh dos, and as I had completely fallen in love with their Caitlyn dress, that was joining me to Italy for the event. 

Teamed with my new fury New Look clutch, AllSaints points, Anna Lou of London necklace and some Carrie Bradshaw style waves, (created by Lucie Kerley from Lucie Loves) I was hot to trot and good to go.

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Ah heels. Cramming my already beaten toes into pointed shoes might of been a school girl error post marathon, but of course sometimes what we do in the name of fashion must be done. To be honest I did feel amazing…. my feet by the end of the night? Not so much, but it was totally worth it!

What to wear on the red carpet

As you may be aware I’m a bit of a closet technology geek, (dammit well that cats out the bag) so as you can imagine seeing a touchscreen Smartwatch like this from Huawei was pretty awesome. It links up to your phone to give you notifications on all social media outlets, tells you if you’re hitting your fit goals and the best part for me personally is the find my phone option. I always put my phone down and forget where it is… not anymore! I did leave it off for the party because it didn’t go with my outfit, but also I’d of been mesmerised and playing on it all night!

Hearing Vogue China and the Huawei team talk about this exciting launch, I couldn’t wait for the evening to get going. Catching up with my we survived bootcamp buddy, the lovely Jess from Coppergarden and meeting her partner in crime Brogan from Brogan Tate – I knew we were going to have a fun night!

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Guzzling champagne in a venue over looking the magnificent Milan cathedral I felt like I could finally relax. I’d just run a bloody marathon in Berlin and here I was sipping on bubbles in a pretty frock looking at Milan Cathedral! Talk about spoilt!

Around the corner we went and up the red carpet I climbed to the Vogue China’s 10th Anniversary birthday bash. Spending lots of time with my new blogging buddy Lucie, we explored the various outfits, the amazing venue and of course the bar! Spotting Karlie Kloss take selfies and awkwardly asking Sean O’pry for a quick pic were the biggest higlights, but when my feet decided enough was enough, and the party was thinning out, it was back to the hotel.

Vogue Sean O'pry model

I don’t think I’ve ever been so pleased to see a comfy bed. Climbing in I just knew reading my book wasn’t even on the cards because as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light. Well before of course checking my Huawei Smartwatch before I nodded of – who, by the way winks at you!

The next day I totally indulged in a tasty breakfast, waved goodbye to those leaving early and decided to go for a coffee in Milan. I didn’t go too far as obviously walking was still a bit of an issue, but I knew I had to have an Italian coffee somewhere before I debated. It was the best coffee I’d had in a long time, but before I knew it I needed to go home… luckily my smartwatch was keeping me on track and I headed to the airport for home time.

What a whirlwind I was on and how fantastic this trip was! I definitely want to come back to Milan to see and do a bit more, but this trip certainly gave me a good taste of what it’s all about. Big thanks to Huawei for having me and a huge thanks to Vogue China for inviting me to their 10th anniversary party.
Can’t wait to explore this Huawei Smartwatch further… watch this space!

*Thank you to the beautiful Lucie who took most of these photos*