workout with your dog

Many of us have four legged isolation buddies to keep us company. So why workout with your dog too? A few quick reasons why; your dog won’t complain how hard something is, they’ll do anything for some company, literally anything for a treat and you’ll get a workout or an abs workout from laughing so much!

I’ve previously done workouts with my dog Winnie in the past, but she was still only a puppy at that point. Things have progressed and Winnie now joins me on most of my smaller runs – and loves it! I thought over isolation we’d start working out together and I’d recreate my infamous dog training session.

What do you need for the dog workout

First things first, you will need some space to have this workout go smoothly. There is ball throwing so ideally you need enough space for your dog to run. I do only have a small garden and we managed it, but it’s just so you’re aware.

  • Cones or markers
  • A ball (maybe a second just in case!!)
  • A dog toy maybe a favourite cuddly one
  • Water (for you both)
  • Dog treats

How to workout with your dog?

This idea is as follows – each move for 45 seconds with a 15 second break in between, then do this 3 times over.

Let’s go!

Ensure you are working out on a good surface – grass that is uneven can be an issue, and if you are on a patio/concrete be mindful of the impact on your knees. Supportive footwear is really important.

The routine

  1. Warm up – Jog on the spot with fast feet
  2. Side shuffles – bend to touch the floor with alternate hands which hold dog toy
  3. Ice skaters – one or two dog toys and switch hands
  4. Ball throw and jumping jacks – back lunge before you throw the ball for a bit extra
  5. Dog squats – if your dog is too big to hold, just do a ball throw and squat on the spot with a weight
  6. Dog lunges – if your dog is too big to hold, just do a ball throw and a lunge on the spot with a weight
  7. Plyometric lunges

10 minute cool down on round 3!

Fancy giving it a go? Check out my workout with you dog video below